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Pharmacy First

What is the Pharmacy First Scheme?

Pharmacists are highly trained experts in medicines. The Pharmacy First scheme gives you quick and local access to advice and treatment from the pharmacist at your local pharmacy about common illnesses. You don’t need to wait to see your doctor and you don’t need an appointment.

If you don’t pay for your prescriptions the pharmacist will be able to give you medicines to treat the conditions listed below and they will be free.

What treatments are available on the sheme?

The Pharmacy First scheme covers advice and treatment for the conditions below:

Allergies Fever Nappy rash
Athlete’s foot Hay fever Piles
Cold sores Headache Sore throat
Conjunctivitis Head lice Sprains and strains
Constipation Insect bites and stings Teething
Coughs and colds Itching due to chickenpox Threadworm
Diarrhoea Minor burns and scalds Vaginal thrush
Earwax Mouth ulcers Indigestion

Who can use this service?

Everyone can get free advice from any pharmacist but to be able to get free medicines you must be registered with a Southwark GP and entitled to free prescriptions.

If you normally pay for your prescriptions you can still get free advice from any pharmacy but you will still be charged the retail price of any medicines provided.